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  Purpose Statement


·     To serve as a professional organization representing men and women engaged in lease and title analysis for the petroleum and related energy industries.

·      To further the education, knowledge and interest of the Lease and Title Analysts.

·      To promote more effective public relations, thereby, increasing communication among industry firms, their associated personnel and the public with whom the analyst is involved.

·      To advance the status and professional recognition of the Lease and Title Analyst within the petroleum and related energy industries.

·      To promote fellowship among colleagues.


Message from the 2017 President: 


Dear DFW-ALTA Members:

Once again it is an honor and a privilege to serve as the 2017 President of the Dallas Fort Worth Association of Lease and Title Analysts.  The DFW-ALTA Board of Directors has a lot of work in front of them this year and are ready to hit the ground running.

Last year DFW-ALTA did what we could to give back to our members in a meaningful way, by giving away registrations for many educational events as well as travel expenses.  Although this year we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel of this extended downturn, there are a number of our members still searching for employment in the energy industry.  This year we will continue our “Give Back to Members” program, although the number of registrations to be given away will be less than last year. It remains imperative that we do what we can for our members, but do it in a financially responsible manner so as to ensure our association’s ability to continue on for the benefit of future lease and title analysts.

This year we are looking forward to a return in membership numbers. Although we’ve not experienced a loss in membership to the same extent as many other oil and gas associations, our hopes are that we will see an increase in our membership numbers as activity in the energy industry returns. Your Board of Directors are committed to doing all we can to give our members added reasons to renew their membership as well as providing ample reasons for new analysts to join our association.

As members of DFW-ALTA we want to hear your opinions and ideas. We hope you will reach out to your 2017 board members with any questions or suggestions you may have of topics of interest or the name of any individual you feel would make a good guest speaker for DFW-ALTA and its members. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us as our ears are always open, and those tasked with finding speakers and topics that our members want to hear from would especially appreciate hearing your suggestions.

This year NALTA’s 1st Vice President, is our own Nick Nelson with Petro-Hunt, LLC who is also a past President of DFW-ALTA.  Mr. Nelson and his dedicated committee members are hard at work putting together an exceptional group of speaker and topics for the 2017 NALTA Conference which is scheduled to take place in Galveston, Texas on September 27, 28 & 29th at the Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center. Please mark your calendars and we hope you’ll make every effort to join us at this year’s NALTA Conference.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your President for a second term.  Again, I promise to do my best working alongside the other dedicated men and women on the 2017 Board of Directors to serve the Dallas Fort Worth Association of Lease & Title Analysts and to fulfill our purpose to serve our members and further their education and knowledge of our ever changing industry. Thank you for this opportunity and I ask that you please get involved. Your association needs you and your fresh ideas!

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,
What are you doing for others?”

 — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Connie Wilcoxson, RPL, CPLTA, CDOA
DFW-ALTA President 


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