Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA)

Beginning January 1, 1989, the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts implemented the Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA) Program for qualified lease and title analysts. This program evolved from a two-year study conducted by NALTA's Certification Committee and represents the ideas and recommendations of many individuals. Participation is voluntary and available to NALTA members and non-members alike. Candidates who meet the established criteria and who successfully complete a comprehensive examination will be granted the title Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA).

The primary goal of the Certification Program is to enhance the professional status of lease and title analysts. An additional goal is to provide a reliable standard of excellence and achievement that is readily accepted within the energy industry, by the public and among professional peer groups. Thus, a Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst will be recognized as one who exemplifies the highest standards of experience, competence and integrity in the practice of his/her profession.

For CPLTA application and certification information, please contact the CPLTA local liaison, Tami Foladare, CPLTA, tfoladare@rangeresources.com or 817-869-4207. Application procedures, requirements for certification, certification testing, notification, and re-certification information can be found at NALTA's website, nalta.org.

DFW-ALTA's active CPLTAs are:

  • Jacqueline Avery, CPLTA
  • Angie Bender, CPLTA
  • Karen Blackburn, CPLTA
  • Eric Bridges, CPLTA
  • Debra Churchill, CPLTA
  • Joseph DeWoody, CPLTA
  • Julie Dixon, CPLTA
  • Jennifer Dodgen, CPLTA
  • Marisa W. Dollar, CPLTA
  • Robin W. Elder, CPLTA
  • Christina Ferguson, CPLTA
  • Tami Foladare, CPLTA
  • Tonya Folse, CPLTA
  • Vickey Foster, CPLTA
  • Megan Franklin, CPLTA
  • Kathy Frodin, CPLTA
  • Kathleen J Garland, CPLTA
  • Matthew Gilbert, CPLTA
  • Lisa Leigh Greer, CPLTA
  • Adam Hatch, CPLTA
  • Donna Huels, CPLTA
  • Susan Hughes, CPLTA
  • Allison Jenkins, CPLTA
  • Patricia Ann Jones, CPLTA
  • Ami Lea, CPLTA
  • Dawn Williams Lindley, CPLTA
  • Pamela S. Longloy, CPLTA
  • Leslie Lott,CPLTA
  • Liz Luthans, CPLTA
  • Jay B. Martin, CPLTA
  • Kathleen Mays, CPLTA
  • Elizabeth Merritt, CPLTA
  • Jason Moniotte, CPLTA
  • Retina Morrison, CPLTA
  • Elizabeth Murray, CPLTA
  • Elizabeth L. Nolan, CPLTA
  • Cindy Nuffer, CPLTA
  • Steve Payte, CPLTA
  • Alice Ann Perry, CPLTA
  • Angela Pesina, CPLTA
  • Oliver Price, Jr., CPLTA
  • Janice Reeves, CPLTA
  • Diane B. Reid, CPLTA
  • Eric Roberts, CPLTA
  • Susan Rondon, CPLTA
  • LaRae L. Sanders, CPLTA
  • Candace Smith, CPLTA
  • Joyce Snell, CPLTA
  • Bruce Snyder, CPLTA
  • Vickie Snyder, CPLTA
  • Melody Sours, CPLTA
  • Renee Spindle, CPLTA
  • Amy Stubblefield, CPLTA
  • Winnie A. Suarez, CPLTA
  • Sue Ellen Taylor, CPLTA
  • Matthew Vaughn, CPLTA
  • Jan J. Warren, CPLTA
  • Margie N. Waters-Hudson, CPLTA
  • Jacqueline Wheeler, CPLTA
  • Meguire Wieger, CPLTA
  • Connie E. Wilcoxson, CPLTA
  • Brooke Williams, CPLTA
  • James E. Wright, CPLTA
  • Eric M. Zmeskal, CPLTA
  • Michelle Bradshaw, CPLTA
  • Julie Cherry, CPLTA
  • Allison Jenkins, CPLTA
  • Marilyn Joyce, CPLTA
  • Lynn Limon, CPLTA
  • Jill Tollefson, CPLTA
  • Kerri Martinez, CPLTA
Retired CPLTA's
  • Eugenia Denniston, CPLTA
  • Clinton Hawkins, Jr., CPLTA
  • Leverne Hearne, CPLTA
  • Dorothy R. Lyle, CPLTA
  • Betty Sowers, CPLTA
  • Karene Williams, CPLTA

CPLTA Manuals

CPLTA manuals are available for purchase.

The cost of the CPLTA Manual is $175.00 (payable to NALTA).

If you are interested in purchasing a manual, please send our DFW-ALTA Local CPLTA Liaison, Donne Huels, CPLTA the following information:

  • Name
  • The Name of Your Company
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail Address

If you have any questions in this regard please contact Donna Huels, CPLTA directly at the email link above.

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